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Know-how in E-commerce: nexnet is a new member of the German E-commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh)

Know-how in E-commerce: nexnet is a new member of the German E-commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh)

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The shipping trade has also been affected by the increasing digitalization of business processes. Whether stationary or online, hardly any purchase process can be made without a digital data connection.

While purchasing on the Internet clearly involves a digital process, one tends not to expect any digital processes to be involved in a purchase at a shop counter. Far from it, however: for here, too, there is a confluence of processes that are now mapped online. From transactions by EC card to the purchase of goods, to the immediate reconciliation of warehouse stock, many processes nowadays take place digitally.

In 2015 the total turnover of goods and services stood at over 65 billion Euros. The elimination of shipping costs and the possibility of ordering goods on account led to the continuing rise not only of turnover, but also of the total number of orders. This also led to a growth in the billing workload of the online shop operators. Open receivables must be reconciled with returns, the risk of non-payment by prospective buyers evaluated and all payments of the payment service providers (PSPs) checked for completeness and correctness. As a billing service provider for telecommunications companies, nexnet has been accustomed to being able to process a large number of invoices from the very start. This know-how makes nexnet the ideal partner for all e-commerce retailers with large order volumes. The ability to process bills in high volumes securely and efficiently solves the problem of online retailers who are at risk of losing track of things due to the increased volumes of orders. The optimal receivables management of nexnet additionally ensures that shop operators really get their money.

The admission of nexnet GmbH to the German E-Commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh) is a further step towards always being able to provide German online traders with a suitable solution by means of targeted business process outsourcing. Regarding the issue of internationalization, nexnet, with its solutions, also offers good savings potential for shop operators. Normally, costs savings of 20-40% can be made through the Payment Cloud.

Website of the German E-commerce and Distance Selling Trade Association (bevh)

About nexnet

nexnet is one of the leading outsourcing service providers for CRM solutions, billing and credit management and finds efficient solutions for payment methods, receivables management, (financial-) clearing, as well as customer service. With the payment clearing system, nexnet builds a bridge in e-commerce between generating turnover and posting turnover at the transaction level. The e-shop generates the turnover, nexnet monitors and post the payment flows! It customers include well-known providers of mobile and landline telephony, streaming services, as well as companies from retail, e-commerce and the media sector. nexnet GmbH is located in Berlin and is a company of the net group Beteiligungen, parent company of leading specialists in communication- and transaction services in Germany. The parent company employs around 180 staff in locations in Flensburg, Berlin, Bonn and Hamburg.