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nexnet takes over credit- and receivables: management for evopark

nexnet takes over credit- and receivables: management for evopark

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The evopark app shows were parking spaces in parking garages nearby are free. If desired, it navigates the driver directly to the location. With the evopark card in your car, the parking garage barriers at the entrance and exit open automatically – a small RFID chip makes this possible.

Searching for a parking space, drawing tickets, searching for small change and waiting in line at ticket machines no longer apply. The user saves time and can park in a more relaxed way. With evopark the whole process runs without cash and contact. The parking time is recorded digitally. The billing is convenient and is charged at the end of the month. A further advantage: with the app, you can always keep track of the parking time. The parking system is now being used successfully in 20 cities by over 20,000 customers. To ensure that it is not only the customers of evopark who are more relaxed, the Cologne star-up has decided to outsource its complete credit- and receivables management to the Berlin billing specialists nexnet GmbH. With its credit management system, nexnet offers the solution for the control and monitoring of all money transactions of evopark's customers. Though the recording of all business transactions, evopark receives a certified monthly closing statement. nexnet integrates the credit management into a business process outsourcing (BPO) system between evopark and its banks, thus ensuring that evopark is always in the picture on all money transactions, their completeness, due date and correctness. nexnet goes one step further, however, and with its innovative Payment Clearing system, will not only check all money transactions between evopark and its customers, but also simultaneously examine all of the transactions between evopark and the payment service providers. In this way, evopark can always be sure that it has a complete overview of all financial transactions.

In addition, nexnet also controls and monitors all SEPA direct debits and automatically begins the commercial dunning procedure in the case of unsuccessful debits. It is only when this dunning procedure also fails that the receivables are forwarded to a collection partner.

nexnet is to go live already in the summer. "I found it amazing how quickly and how deep nexnet's experts got to grips with our business model in the preliminary stages. The quick understanding of what we do and the excellent deduction of what we need made the difference and was also the reason why we decided in favour of nexnet,"Sven Lackinger, Managing Director and co-founder of evopark, explained the collaboration. "In the search for a partner for the credit management of our more than 20,000 customers, nexnet's numerous projects of course persuaded us. We could sense the experience from the very start," Lackinger continues. "We're always happy to be able to support upcoming start-ups. We find the evopark business model very exciting and we're looking forward to being able to grow with the Cologne company," says Lars Heucke, Managing Director of nexnet GmbH of the collaboration that was agreed on in March.