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The night of outsourcing in Berlin: The first BPO night of the TAF group, with over 120 invited guests, was a complete success.

The night of outsourcing in Berlin: The first BPO night of the TAF group, with over 120 invited guests, was a complete success.

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Business Process Outsourcing, or BPO for short, describes the outsourcing of business processes to an external service provider. That this form of outsourcing is very much in fashion was shown by the first BPO-Night in Spindler & Klatt in Berlin Kreuzberg.

On Thursday evening in the hip location, 120 managing directors, financial chief executives, fund managers and company founders followed the invitation of Rayan Tegtmeier, the organizer and managing director of the ecomPunk c/0 TAF group. With perfect sunny weather, the reception on the terrace couldn't have been nicer, and the get-together of the invited guests soon moved on to busy panel discussion.

The evening was hosted by the TV-presenter Johanna Klum, who is best known from television programmes such as Elton vs Simon (Pro7), Got to Dance (Sat. 1) and Dein Song (ZDF). Following a brief greeting by the host Tegtmeier, Dr. Robert Arbter of Gegenbauer Property Service started the keynote address in the informative part of the evening. As an introduction to Business Process Outsourcing, he looked at the typical motives for BPO, cited reasons in favour of BPO and pointed out the opportunities and risks that should be taken into consideration in the outsourcing of business processes.

The moderator Johanna Klum then thanked the sponsors of the BPO-Night and invited the managing directors to the stage. The participants in the panel discussion were Lars Heucke (nexnet), Jan Kaniess (PAYONE), Timo Glaser (commehr), Sven Hock (Service Partner One) and Malte Warczinski (Empaua), and, of course, the host Rayan Tegtmeier (TAF-Group). The central question was asked by Klum right at the start of the panel discussion: "To what extent to you build your own car?" and "Does the car stand for something symbolically?" A core question that ran like a thread through the whole event.

"Automobile construction is the beginning of BPO. To that extent, the answer to the question 'Does the car stand for something symbolically?' is YES! Today, automobile manufacturers only build 25% themselves! Why? Because of the complexity and flexibility. nexnet also outsources part of its administrative processes, for example the printing shop or the payroll accounting. We constantly put all of the processes to the test. Changes in the market have to be integrated into cars quickly. The flexibility needed for this can be achieved through appropriate business process outsourcing," said Lars Heucke, managing director of nexnet GmbH.

Rayan Tegtmeier summed up the evening: "An exciting event with great guests. Both the discussion and the interesting exchange afterwards have shown that business process outsourcing can be carried out in every department and at almost every level of a company, a thought that every company should grapple with if they want to stay in the market in the long term and grow. In order to enable a platform for interested parties in the future, further such events of the TAF group are planned."

A special thanks goes to the sponsors.

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