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nexnet is characterized by a high level of employee satisfaction, which is in part due to our top location. You will find us directly at Potsdamer Platz in the heart of Berlin: from our work spaces we're able to look out over the city. The central location makes it easily accessible to you via flexible transport connections.

Joshua talks about his impression and experience as a dual student at nexnet:

Dual Course of Study

You have passed the university entrance exam or have acquired a good technical college certificate. Mathematics and economics are among your favourite subjects. Ideally, you would like already to gain some initial insights into the economy. You always act with the team in mind and are open and communicative. Making new contacts comes easily to you, whether with customers or colleagues.

Your responsibilities as a student of business administration

As a trainee in the dual-studies programme of Business Administration at nexnet, you will be active in a variety of areas of responsibility. You will complete internal projects and exciting tasks in the following departments:

  • Marketing and sales
  • Customer- and project management
  • Financial management and customer service
  • Quality management and operations

The basis for this is constituted by the business administration modules: project management, economic law, financing and investing, organization and staff management, marketing, and of course service management. The close connection of theory and practice should prepare you optimally for your activities at nexnet.

You will complete the study phases at the Berlin School of Economics and Law. After six semesters, you will be awarded the academic degree Bachelor of Arts.

Your responsibilities: as student of business information systems

As a trainee in the dual-studies programme of Business Information Systems at nexnet, you will be active in a range of different areas of responsibility. You will have your own areas of responsibility assigned to you and will be able to cooperate on new projects. You will gain insight into the following departments:

  • Sales
  • Customer- and project management
  • Quality management and operations
  • Development of CRM and SAP
  • IT services

The basis for this will be supplied by the information systems modules: mathematics, information systems, client-server architecture, programming, software engineering, data bases and operating systems. In addition, the studies programme also contains a large component of business administration, project management and social competences. Through the practical application of the theoretical course content, you will be prepared for your activity in the nexnet team.

You will complete the study phase at the Berlin School for Economics and Law. After 6 semesters you will be awarded the academic degree Bachelor of Science.

Working Student in Berlin

As a working student at nexnet you will be actively included in the working process. The variety of opportunities within the company offer an optimal basis for assuming responsibility and further developing yourself professionally and personally through collaboration. Above all they will give you the chance to set foot in a future-oriented sector. For the duration of your stay, a contact person will be at your side to train you carefully and support you with advice and assistance.

Your responsibilities as a working student: in the area of Business Administration

As a working student at nexnet you will be active in a variety of departments. In your work, you will be integrated into projects and will get to know the everyday working processes. Your area of activity will be in the following departments:

  • Customer- and project management
  • Credit management
  • Controlling

Your profile

You are a student of Business Administration and would like to put into practice the knowledge acquired in you studies. You way of working is independent, careful and conscientious. You are characterized by analytical thinking and a structured approach to work.

Your tasks as a working student in: the area of business information systems

You are a student in the area of business information systems and are interested in putting your skills into practice. There are very diverse fields for information systems specialists at nexnet. You can collaborate on projects in the following departments:

  • Quality management and operations
  • Java/SAP development
  • SQL/No-SQL data base development
  • IT services
  • Dashboarding and monitoring

Your profile

You are a student in the area of business information systems. You are completely familiar with the use of Microsoft Office Products. You have already acquired a deep knowledge of a programming language and have proven initial practical experience in the IT area.

What we offer your

Alongside exciting projects, nexnet will support you during your studies and training. The tuition fees will be paid by the company. In addition, you will receive an appropriate training fee.

The working hours are flexible, and combined with the new and centrally-located offices, provide a comfortable context to work in. nexnet is characterized by a high level of employee satisfaction and offers you the chance to complete a dual studies programme in a future-oriented sector.


Flat hierarchies and exciting tasks Short information paths and flat hierarchies enable and uncomplicated working environment with a lot of personal responsibility.

Our diverse and interesting projects leave plenty of leeway for your own creativity. We do not have any rigid structures, which is reflected in the fact that, when speaking German, everyone is addressed here using the informal "Du".

We value satisfaction

  • Nice colleagues
  • Good cooperation in the department
  • Efficient working methods
  • Good working conditions
  • Loyal and fair superiors

Always with a finger on the pulse of the time, the support of our employees in the form of further training measures is a further building block of our company philosophy.

For the whole period, you will also receive the support of a mentor, who will be at your side to support you in all matters with advice and assistance.

Quality creates trustOur customers

Each project holds new challenges that inspire and demand technical refinements that constantly expand our know-how and our portfolio. Here we would like to introduce you to some of your customers:


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