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Monitoring financial transactions

Secure and convenient, 17 December 2019:  According to an old adage, time is money. E-commerce companies invest enormous amounts of time and staff resources to control all of their money flows. Payment clearing solutions can support companies across different business sectors and free up valuable working hours.


How your company can monitor financial transactions securely and conveniently

Companies that deal with their revenues from online shops, market places, or other distribution channels on a daily basis want answers to the following questions:

  • When exactly were our customers’ payments made to our payment service provider?
  • How high are the costs for a particular order ?
  • Which receivables are still outstanding at which payment service provider?
  • What differences are there in general?

Daily payment processing causes considerable problems for many companies: the amount oftransactions can no longer be controlled manually and followed by the respective department in the company.

The number of countries and the currencies, withholding taxes, and VAT connected with them also make the tasks to be accomplished extremely complex. Equally, the paying brands, the legal entities (monthly closing statements) and the overall handling of the PSPs have to be completely recorded and efficiently designed.

A detailed controlling and an expedient recording in accounts of all transaction movements is made possible by payment clearing.

In banking and finance, this means all activities from the time of commitment to a transaction to its full processing. This process turns the promise of payment (for example, in the form of a digital payment request) into an actual flow of money from one account to another.

Payment clearing compares and checks these money flows and connects them to the turnover data from the online shops, marketplaces and sales channels.

nexnet: cross-sector solutions with central services

With its solution, the provider from Berlin nexnet offers a permanent monitoring of all money flows and a consistent recording in accounts for your end customers – including a certified monthly closing statement.

You can thus concentrate fully on your daily business. nexnet secures your financial flows in the background. It doesn’t matter what sector you are in, whether it’s e-commerce, digital goods, mobility, or retail – nexnet’s solutions are independent of any sector.

The solution is the link between end customers, payment service providers (including PayPal, Adyen, Amazon, Billpay, Computop, Concardis, Ebay, Internetq, Payone, Sumup) and your banks. You can monitor all of your transactions at any time and see whether a payment has been made on time, completely, and correctly.

In addition, nexnet takes over the credit management for you: alongside the controlling, all entries can be recorded in aggregated form daily or monthly and, for example, integrated in SAP- or DATEV-systems.

nexnet also takes over the receivables management for you: here, solutions can be tailored to your requirements and a unique receivables management service can be created for you, from the sending of dunning letters to the management of dunning fees and to the monitoring of the payment history.

Beyond this, nexnet also takes into account companies that are active internationally. All currencies are recorded with current exchange rates and international tax rates are correctly calculated.

Security from Germany

For more than 15 years, nexnet has offered BPO (business process outsourcing) solutions in the areas of finance and credit management, billing, and CRM, and can count many prestigious German and international companies as its customers. Yet it’s not only DAX companies that are among its long-term partners: numerous young brands have also worked with nexnet and have had perfectly fitting solutions developed for them.

As the processing of these sensitive data must meet the highest standards, nexnet has all of its processes and systems constantly certified according to ISO 9001. Data are saved exclusively in German data centres. nexnet thus meets the requirements of the strictest data protection laws in the world


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