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nexnet receives TISAX® Label

Highest IT Security Standards in the Automobile Industry

Anyone involved in the automobile-industry chain must meet high standards with regard to IT security. In Germany, these standards are checked and evaluated by the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA) in accordance with TISAX®. In May 2021, nexnet passed this assessment in the category “Information with High Protection Requirement and the Data Protection Module”.

Who is behind the TISAX® label, and what does it mean?

TISAX® is an acronym for Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange and represents the standards for the highest possible IT security defined by the Association of the German Automotive Industry (VDA). As the name indicates, the label is issued as part of a security evaluation. These standards must be met not only by automobile manufacturers and suppliers, but also by service providers and software producers.

How does it differ from the ISO 27001 certification?

In contrast to TISAX®, ISO 27001 represents a general norm for information security, and is valid across business sectors and internationally. ISO 27001 certification involves meeting general requirements of an information-security management system. In the TISAX® assessment, however, additional requirements specific to the automotive industry – such as prototype protection – are checked. TISAX® thus as more requirement areas, but is not subject to an international standard.


Generally speaking, assessment involves checking the information security of a company, a process which concludes with an “Assessment Report”, and, if successful, with the issuing of a label. It differs in this respect from certification, which describes the process of attaining a management-system certificate.

What does TISAX® mean for nexnet?

In order guarantee these quality standards, we make high demands of our IT security system. Having passed the TISAX® assessment, we have now reached a further milestone in our internal quality requirements. Despite a constantly rising amount of billing processes and customer data, we spare no effort in providing our customers with reliable and customized services at the highest possible level of quality.

 More on our quality requirements and our security concept

How, and with what solutions, does nexnet support customers from the automotive industry?

Our outsourcing services in financial management and subscription billing include not only process management, but also software development. This allows us to support leading automobile manufacturers in their digitalization strategy, enabling them to concentrate on the further developing their business, while we work quietly but effectively for them in the background. With the aid of our des Payment Clearing service, we securely and accurately monitor the (international) financial transactions of our customers, thus providing them with highly efficient process management and optimization.