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“Storytelling” & Presentation Workshop

In the workshop "Presentation with Storytelling" with Sonja Gründemann we learned how to attract attention in an (online) meeting.

Our colleagues return to the office – and learn something new

“Holding an online meeting is no problem!” is what many think. But this form of meeting brings its own unique challenges.

In times of Corona, most of us do our work from the home office. That means meetings take place online. This is also the case for us at nexnet. In the best cases, everyone has the camera on and follows the presentations and talks with great interest. But it also happens that cameras do not appear and participants hardly react or do not react at all. Then it becomes difficult to assess who is listening and understanding what was discussed in the lecture.

We learned at the beginning of April in the workshop: Presentation with Storytelling with Sonja Gründemann how to attract attention in an (online) meeting and make the presentation appealing.

The actress, singer, trainer, business coach and presenter knows how to win over an audience. Whether in a workshop or on stage, she knows how to convey her knowledge, tips and tricks for the optimal presentation with energy and passion.

In the workshop, we learned more about our personal strengths. Those who know their own advantages can appear confident and self-assured in life and on the business stage. We also learned how storytelling helps improve one’s presentation and capture the attention of the audience.

We were immediately able to demonstrate our newly acquired knowledge in our own presentations. And many of them were able to overcome their fears and stage fright and went home with a good feeling at the end.

Here are a few tips for your next presentation:

  • Preparation is the key and practice makes perfect
  • The technology must be right – a short test before the start is indispensable
  • “Clothes make the man” – in addition, body language also takes on an essential part
  • Inspire yourself, then you will also inspire your listeners
  • Keep your presentation short, crisp and varied
  • The supreme discipline of storytelling: know the different types and incorporate them into your presentation!
  • Turn the talk into a conversation – small talk at the beginning, ask open questions to the audience and leave room for feedback and questions at the end.

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Stephanie Timm
Stephanie Timm

Seit rund 3 Jahren Redakteurin und Content Creator bei nexnet GmbH. Geschult in den Themen Billing, Payment und Finanzmanagement recherchiert und verfasst sie Texte, die dem Leser nicht nur die spannende Welt von Billing, Debitorenmanagement, Payment Clearing und Co. näherbringen, sondern sie berichtet auch über Änderungen zu den Regularien in diesen Bereichen.