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BT (Germany) GmbH & Co. OHG

BT Handover

In collaboration with BT Germany, nexnet has developed a solution for the transfer and control of offline traffic between different network operators that is to be billed. The joint transit and clearing platform, as the central hub, carries out the coordination of the participating network- and service providers.

nexnet creates a "second bill" for the participating net operators (PNO) so that their billing-related expenses are drastically reduced and released from complicated financial processes. nexnet provides the customer service, the receivables management, and the collection for the connected inter-exchange carriers (IXCs). The concluding of contracts is also significantly simplified: without the services of BT and nexnet, the market participants would have to negotiate a large number of bilateral contacts. A further solution of nexnet is the processing of the billing modalities and financial streams between the market participants (financial clearing).

nexnet insures that the charging and checking of bills for supplied service data of the IXCs and the billing fees of the TNOs take place in a proper manner. Through the daily checking of the service data, the investigation of open receivables as well as subsequent- and partial payments, nexnet creates the conditions for smooth payment transactions between all participating network and service operators.