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nexnet to Implement

Billing Services for Colt

Individually-rated service packages through an invoicing platform.

Berlin, 28/05/2013 – Berlin-based nexnet GmbH, one of the leading specialists in mass-volume billing as well of and rating and billing solutions on the German telecommunications market, is to implement for Colt the accounting of online-billed services in a universally valid and standardized invoicing and collection process. Colt is one of Europe’s leading information delivery platforms.  The service will be implemented in the sub-areas local exchange carriers and long-distance carriers.

The constellation of long-distance and local exchange carriers requires a comprehensive process management, as an information or data exchange needs to be possible with all market participants. The multi-layered complexity of the billing process, consisting of BDB and B2C invoices, invoice information, return-debit information, and subsequent payment information, which in part have to be offset against each other, also requires an extreme degree of flexibility in the various billing processes. In order to avoid the immense internal administration costs, increasing numbers of companies are choosing nexnet as an external service provider for high-volume billing processes of this kind.

Alongside the complete handling of data with the local exchange carriers, which participate in the invoicing and collection process of Telekom and/or BT Handover, nexnet is taking over for Colt as a long-distance carrier the rating of the internet call-by-call connections of the resellers. In addition, nexnet will also be responsible for the call-centre services as well as for the debt enforcement processes in the receivables-management, including collection.

For Colt as a local exchange carrier, nexnet will be taking over the billing of services billed offline to the customers by means of a secondary invoice, the so-called “Second Bill”. Alongside the acceptance procedure and the financial reporting for the end customers, nexnet is also taking over the monitoring of the payment receipts, including the direct debit procedure and the call-centre services connected to this. In addition, nexnet will also provide the necessary reporting for the internal billing processes in both cases.

“In the case of Colt, the complexity of the Second Bill lies, among other things, in the credit management. Depending on the agreement with the end customer, the invoices are settled or redebited at different times,” explains Lars Heucke, the Managing Director of nexnet GmbH. “This means that in a billing run, very different invoice due dates have to be taken into consideration.”