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Quality despite Quantity

nexnet’s Quality Concept

nexnet is the market leader when it comes to carrying out high-volume billing quickly and securely. In order to be able to continue offering consistent, reliable services at the highest level to all its customers, despite the constantly rising number of bills and customer data, nexnet meets a high standard of quality.

In doing so, nexnet not only places great importance in the quality of the billing process but has also developed a quality policy that includes all of the sub-areas in the value-creation chain. From professional and competent consulting to transparent offers, an error-free processing of orders, and intensive test-phases, all the way to the uncomplicated and smooth operation, all of the areas are constantly subjected to quality testing.

nexnet’s quality management system is oriented to the principles of DIN ISO 9001:2015. With annual internal and external audits, the quality management system is checked and is thus subject to constant updating and improvement. The current audit certificate for the requirements of the provisions according to §45g TKG has been granted and can be examined.

For proof of its SOX conformity, nexnet has introduced an additional internal controlling system that minimises risks related to financial reporting. The effectiveness of the internal controls is verified by means of regular tests of nexnet’s own controls as well as of the operational implementation. The effectiveness of the internal controlling system is documented separately for each customer and each service.

An independent audit in relation to customers and services is carried out annually by an external auditing institute according to the auditing standard PS 331. The audit includes the effectiveness of the IT controls according to PS 331 for backup and recovery, change management, operation, data centre and authorization concept.

Quality Assurance

Everything for Security

nexnet’s quality assurance mechanisms extend across the whole value-creation process and serve the avoidance of errors. Already during the planning of a customer project, measures to guarantee a quality-assured implementation are drawn up and agreed on. Far-reaching quality measures that apply to the development and operation process are also defined in the implementation of new requirements or further developments.

In the actual development process, extensive and intensive tests to prove the implemented functions are carried out and comprehensively documented. Corresponding test levels, and the type and scope of the tests, including the respective responsibilities, are determined in the requirements phase.

The release only takes place following a successfully implemented and completely documented test / quality-assurance measure.

For a smooth operation of all processes and services, nexnet relies on an extensive combination of automated and manual controlling and auditing mechanisms. These controls are themselves constantly subjected to quality tests. Where required, these routines are further optimized and expanded. All changes are documented in order to guarantee comprehensibility also to third parties.

Error Handling

Clear Process in Event of Faults

If faults arise in the operation procedure , they will be analysed in great detail according to a strict error process and rectified as quickly as possible. In keeping with the continuous improvement process, the documentation, including all measures for future error avoidance, is carried out in a nexnet ticket-system (Jira). The implementation of the defined measures is monitored according to nexnet’s quality concept.