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Financial Accounting for the zuora Platform

Monitor all payments and payment service providers securely and conveniently

No doubt everyone is happy when the subscription model works, and the number of orders on the zuora platform rises. But what do you do when the invoices are piling up in the accounts department, the customers are asking for more an more payment methods, and the first step into foreign markets is about to be taken?

With each of these steps, the complexity in your accounts receivable accounting rises. Which customer paid with PayPal? Who used a direct debit or credit card? Which of my payment service providers has paid out the money, and how high is the security deposit? In order to have an exact overview of your current financial position, you’ll need a reliable answer to all of these questions at all times.

With nexnet’s financial accounting you’ll extend your zuora platform to include a secure and efficient solution for the monitoring of all financial transactions. In this way, you’ll always have an overview of where your money is at any given time. Check the bills of your payment service provider at the touch of a button and while you continue concentrating on your core business: gaining more subscribers!


We keep an eye on every payment transaction and create the basis for effective credit management.


We operate our data centres in Germany and are subject to the highest standards of security and quality.


Exotic currencies are no problem for us. When posting financial transactions, we use exchange rates that are updated on a daily basis.

Overview of the Connected Modules

What does nexnet’s financial management offer?

Payment Service Providers

Overview of the activated payment service providers

nexnet’s Payment Clearing service already supports a variety of payment service providers. This overview shows the payment service providers that have been linked to nexnet’s systems to date.

Your payment service provider isn’t there? We’ll be happy to integrate your payment service provider as part of a customized  set up. Get in touch with us.