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Payment Clearing Cloud

Classic book-keeping is a thing of the past

As one of the leading German providers for automated financial processes, nexnet with its Payment Clearing Cloud offers exactly the right accounting solution for your end customer business on the internet.

For you, this means credit management with a certified monthly closing statement. The only prerequisite for this? Internet access!

You want to save time and money?

Perfect, then we should get to know each other!

  • You operate an e-commerce or m-commerce business?
  • You ship physical or digital goods?
  • You operate a classic retail business?
  • For you, the end customer is at the heart of all of your business activities?
  • You have other things to get done apart from taking care of and monitoring the accounting and the payment flows, and dealing with closing statements.

Classic book-keeping is a thing of the past

Payment Clearing Cloud

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Monitoring Your PSP

With the automatic allocation of payments per shopping basket, you will know immediately whether your money is with the customer, the PSP, or has already been paid into your bank account. Transaction fees are recorded without input tax and collated with the amounts paid out.

Monthly Closing Statement

The already prepared closing statements via the PSP business are subject to quality control processes that comply with the PS-951 auditing standards. This makes it easier for you to communicate with your accountants and tax auditors.

BPO From the Cloud

Due to its cloud-based approach, the Payment Clearing Cloud provides the advantage of more transparent as well as lower entry and operating costs. You concentrate on your business and the complex accounting process are dealt with automatically in the background.


For countries with an international focus, we also process all money flows in foreign currencies with up-to-the-minute exchange rates of the ECB. In doing so, we record turnover and tax using international tax rates.

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