Subscription BillingFrom the spontaneous buyer to the regular customer

Subscription Billing Platform

With nexnet’s Subscription Management Platform, you automate the Customer lifecycle
With its subscription billing platform, nexnet offers the best BPO-solution for subscription management. With Recurring Payments, subscription management is child’s play. In keeping with the motto ‘Made in Germany’, nexnet develops and operates the solutions for the subscription economy exclusively in Germany. This advantage – as compared to solutions from the USA or China – is valued by many German and European corporations. Yet nexnet’s Subscription Management also offers all of the features needed to get started internationally. SOX-compliance or the handling of different tax rates are already contained in the standard package.

Subscription Management

Manage contracts and subscription products flexibly.


Subscription Payments

Manage recurring payments easily and securely


Credit Management

Maintain an overview of all payments and outstanding items

Rating & Billing

Rating and billing of all subscription products


Recurring Billing

Simply decide yourself whether you want to send your customers a bill. Whether by e-mail or by post. It’s your choice. You can’t decide? Then just give your customer the choice between a digital or a postal bill.

Whatever you decide, operating fully automated and in the background, we make sure that your customer receives the bill and that you then get your money. In doing so, we not only monitor the payments of your end customers, but also collate these – on a fully automated basis – with the payments of the PSPs you use.

Quick Price Adjustments

Billing of individually priced and flexible products


Fully automated billing and sending by post or e-mail (PDF)

Payment Types

From bank transfer to direct debit and purchase on account, to credit card payment or PayPal.

Customer Portal

All your data always at a glance in your personal nexnet Customer Portal

Find out how to turn your spontaneous buyers into regular customers with nexnet's subscription billing

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Recurring Payments

nexnet’s billing platform offers you all possibilities for your business model with recurring payments. You can simply determine the intervals for the recurring payments yourself. You can decide whether entries are made daily, weekly, monthly or only annually. Offer your customers a variety of payment options in order to raise the conversion rate.

From bank transfer to direct debit and purchase on account to credit card payment or PayPal, nexnet supports over 25 payment service providers and thus provides your customers with the best reasons for not abandoning the ordering process. In addition, a swift product and price adjustment is possible at all times via the nexnet billing platform.

GoBD Compliant

nexnet complies with all of the basic principles on the proper keeping and storage of financial books and with the retention periods.

Data Protection

nexnet conforms to the German data protection guidelines and exclusively operates its own data centres in Germany.

Closing Statements

nexnet provides you with a certifiable monthly closing statement in your desired format.

Payment Service Providers

nexnet has included over 25 of the most popular PSPs in its system and thus enables all types of payment

Rating & BillingRating and billing of all subscription products

With our billing platform, offer your end customer individually-priced service packages from the order acceptance to the entry of the payments. The bills created by us are sent either on paper or by e-mail or entered into a personalized end customer portal – in your name, reliably and competently.

All types of payment are possible here, from bank transfer to direct debit to credit card payment. In addition, a quick and simple product and price adjustment is possible at all times via the nexnet billing platform.

  • Invoicing of individually priced and flexibly adjustable products
  • Billing and sending by post or e-mail (PDF)
  • All standard forms of payment are possible
  • Transfer of the data into your customer portal

Free Consultation
As a neutral partner at your side, nexnet provides you with the opportunity to concentrate on the generation of reach and turnover. Working silently but effectively in the background, nexnet safeguards the subscription billing for you. Try it and avail of a free consultation with one of our experts.

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Our further service building blocks: Business process outsourcing for your business processes.

As an industry specialist, nexnet offers all of the relevant components for a successful business process outsourcing of your financial transactions. From direct debit, to the monitoring of your payment receipts, to receivables management, we carry out all transactions securely and efficiently.


Abo-Modelle werden als Geschäftskonzept der Zukunft gefeiert. Doch auf dem Weg zu wiederkehrenden Zahlungen müssen Unternehmen einige Fallstricke meistern.

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