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Your Data In Good Hands

Data Centre In Germany For Maximum Security

A lot of technical knowledge and experience is necessary in order to protect the security of your data – above all protect the data of your customers from unauthorized access. For 20 years, nexnet has been an expert in dealing with personal data. In this time, our staff have gained great expertise in handling sensitive data of this kind.

It’s not without reason that we maintain our own data centre in Germany. The data centre is supervised, constantly updated, and extended by our own in-house IT staff. You can thus be sure that your data always receive the best possible protection.

The nexnet Data Centre

With nexnet, your data are not stored in just any cloud server somewhere in the world, but exclusively in our own data centre in Berlin. Through a mature security system, we achieve the maximum possible security grade. Thus, for example, only a small handful of authorized and trained staff have access to the data centre.

Access Restriction

Only accredited staff have access to the server

Video Monitoring

24/7-Access control, including video monitoring

Locking Systems

Special door- and locking systems with ID cards

Advance Registration

Access can only occur following a scrutinized advance registration

Security Service

Surveillance through a security service

Data Protection

Comprehensive data protection management system with trained data protection team

Maximum Reliability and Availability

When you opt for a nexnet service, you simultaneously opt for maximum security for your data. We work with a strict security plan, which ensures the highest-level of availability and the very best protection.

  • Use of redundant systems within the data centre
  • Data mirroring between several, geographically separate data centres is possible on request
  • In-house 24/7-Service on location in the event of disruptions
  • Battery-supported, uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • Emergency power unity for autonomous operation
  • Physical separation of backup and servers
  • Modern fire early warning system
  • Argon extinguishing system.

Secure Data Transfer

It’s not only the data that you store with us that requires protection. The pathway of your data to our data centre also provides cyber criminals with a target. We thus also secure the online data transfer to our data centre in the best possible way. By means of state-of-the art SSL-certificates, we encrypt your data so that they can’t be accessed by third parties. In this way, your data and your customers are optimally protected on their way through the internet.

Protection from Cyber-Attacks

Unfortunately, cybercrime is also on the rise in Germany. Attacks of this kind have accordingly become part of day-to-day business. Hackers have made a hobby (and even a ‘career’) out of penetrating external systems, installing malware there or stealing data in order to sell these on to a third party. Protecting our systems from such attacks – to protect your data – is our highest priority. Our IT specialists have received the requisite training and know how to block attacks of this kind. For this purpose, we operate a modern UTM cluster from the next generation of firewalls with special security processors. The timely recognition of layer 3, 4 and 7 attacks enables us to achieve optimum protection from cyber-attacks.

Confidentiality of Your Information

We are conscious of the responsibility that comes with dealing with millions of personal data. For this reason, we place particular importance in the issue of data protection. Thus, in most cases we even exceed the strict requirements of German data protection law. Secure is secure.

  • Compliance with the German Telecommunications Act (TKG)
  • Strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
  • Data protection management system including data protection team
  • IT-security team, including Information Security Officer
  • Training of all employees in the area of security and data protection

(Kopie 12)

Environmental Footprint

nexnet relies on the state-of-the-art technology not only in the area of data security. Through the supply of cool external air by means of state-of-the-art convection air-conditioning technology, we not only save a vast amount of electricity, we also help to conserve the environment at the same time. This is made possible by a one-off own-design of our staff, who have dedicated themselves to the issue of energy efficiency and data protection.