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nexnet GmbH from Berlin - your BPO specialist for accounts receivable management and billing

It is what drives us

Our mission

We at nexnet have made it our business to support companies with questions and problems regarding accounting and billing. And as a specialist in subscription billing, accounts receivable management and payment clearing, we support our customers with many years of experience.

The extensive areas of accounting and billing can seem overwhelming at first glance. But with our help, anyone can master these areas. Because together with our customers, we implement efficient solutions for billing, financial management, CRM solutions and customer service.

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We have been active in BPO for over 20 years

Our history

We started in the telecommunications sector. Meanwhile, we are also active in payment, accounts receivable management and subscription billing. With our individual solutions in Business Process Outsourcing, we have won many well-known customers.

Our customers include providers from the e-commerce and media industries. Streaming service providers, retail groups or large telecommunications companies also rely on our reliable solutions Made in Germany.

In addition, we are always highly focused and motivated working on new innovative products, such as Subscription Billing in nexnet.cloud.

Our milestones


Company formation

Heavy snowstorms paralyzed the East Coast of the USA, Maradona went on the rampage in the luxury hospital and Berlin announced elephant races in Hoppegarten: Yes, Jan. 26, 2000, was a truly remarkable day! And it became even more extraordinary when Dr. Rainer Caspar announced the founding of nexnet. What initially began as a modest clearinghouse soon proved to be the basis for a successful company with a promising business model. From small beginnings come great things – and this is also true for nexnet.



Structure Rating & Billing

Our business model was initially based on billing for call-by-call providers. Step by step, we eventually succeeded in building up a solid customer base. We gained experience and continued to develop. When other companies finally started to take their first steps in billing, we were already one step ahead. And to this day, we still hold the top position in subscription billing with our many years of expertise and innovative ideas.



Change of management

After the mathematician Dr. Rainer Caspar laid the foundation stone and took the first successful steps with the still young company, there was already a heavy blow of fate for company and employees, because the founder died in May 2003. A short time later, Gerhard Wacker took over the helm as managing director and nexnet was once again moving in safe waters. Further proof that no stone is too big and no hurdle too high for us.



One of 80 million

This year was marked by major developments. The initial “foundation stones” for successful business years have grown into a whole house over the years! The number of settlements grew to a considerable number in our company and the volume of master data also skyrocketed: we were backed by 80 million master data.



SOX Compliance

SOX-What? What makes one or the other think of socks at first or causes a lot of imaginary question marks refers to a law that prescribes stricter rules for balance sheets and audits. When this law came into force, we put together our own audit team. At first, this meant an intensive familiarization with new topics and admittedly not everything went without complications. But in the meantime we can call ourselves real experts in this field.



MR.NET acquires nexnet

With the merger with MR.NET, the business area grew once again. While nexnet operated as usual in the service areas of billing, receivables management and customer service in the telecommunications industry, MR.NET was added to the Internet and media market. This resulted in the creation of a company that is unique in Germany. But it was not only the industries that changed. In addition to larger teams, it was henceforth completely normal for the management to be on a first-name basis.



Move to the city center

On April 29, we finally moved into our new office in the city center, while in the moving van we eagerly watched Prince Wiliam and Catherine Middleton say their yes. With a view of Potsdamer Platz, we celebrated an extensive housewarming party as a team. Our office was so colorful that even the breathtaking Berlin skyline couldn’t keep up. It was a great moment of joy and unity, which we experienced all the more intensely when we realized that our office was located right on the old German border. By the way, this limit has never been lived at nexnet, rather we live diversity.



Lars Heucke becomes managing director of nexnet

2012 must have been an eventful year for our Managing Director Lars Heucke. At that time, he was already looking back on an impressive 10 years of nexnet. So he knows the company from the ground up! At the beginning of his nexnet career, he contributed his know-how as Head of IT/Development and again proved his leadership skills from 2009 as Site Manager. Until the day he followed his visions and ambitions, because in June 2012 he took over the management of nexnet, as he still does today together with Dirk Moysich.



Starting signal for payment clearing

Even then, e-commerce was an increasingly growing industry, and so in 2014 nexnet developed a quasi-standard with the Payment Clearing module specifically for e-commerce. What this implies? nexnet reconciles all cash movements at the individual transaction level with the sales data from the online stores, marketplaces or offline sales channels. The result: all accounting-relevant transactions result in a certifiable monthly financial statement.



Evolution of the company logo

When it comes to the visual appearance of our company, we tend to follow the credo “the only constant in life is change” and so we gave our logo a new coat of paint in 2019. Even though we juggle a lot of numbers for our customers every day, rethink processes and observe strict regulations, what counts for us most in corporate identity is design and aesthetics. For proof, here is the history of our logo. Evolution of the nexnet GmbH company logo


Subscription Billing Cloud

The greatest enemy of progress is inertia – and nexnet is anything but powerless. Based on 20 years of experience with individual solutions in the field of business process outsourcing, we are highly focused and motivated to work on a new innovative product: Our Subscription Billing Cloud. With this, we would like to provide you with an easy entry into the Subscription Economy, so that you too can benefit from the constantly growing industry.



Company anniversary – 21 years nexnet

In the last 21 years, not everything has always gone smoothly – but as in our private lives, we draw strength for the future from every defeat. While we entered the telecommunications industry in 2000 full of drive, today we are additionally enriched by experience in e-commerce, accounts receivable management and subscription billing. But it is not only our business area that has grown in recent years. We can confidently say that we have always grown together as a team. We cried together, but also celebrated and laughed together. And we would like to continue doing so – gladly with you at our side!

More than 80 projects with over 30 satisfied customers

Over 20 years of experience in process outsourcing for financial processes

Increasing competitive pressure – triggered, for example, by regulatory innovations – demands a high degree of rapid adaptability of business processes from the industry. The complex billing processes in particular are regularly subject to major changes. nexnet has been specializing in this market segment since 2000 and has extensive know-how and a satisfied customer base.

Cost savings of 30% and more have also convinced these companies to rely on nexnet’s industry-neutral and modular solutions: including Amorelie, congstar and many more.

We are team players

nexnet is part of the net group investments

The net group holdings operate as an internationally active outsourcing service provider. They cover the entire value chain of network-based communications solutions. The group offers services such as Internet, telephone and TV products, value-added services, subscription management, billing, CRM solutions, billing and accounts receivable management. The net group investments accompany their customers throughout the entire process – from the conception to the implementation of business models. About net group investments

What is really important to us

Our values

The basis of our corporate culture and the cornerstone of our success.


We are authentic in everything we do. We can rely on each other and are open to all topics. Even bad news is communicated and we learn from mistakes. We always behave with integrity, friendliness and fairness towards customers and colleagues.


We are ready to work differently and establish new, sustainable solutions on the market. Through our courage and desire to acquire new qualifications, we constantly drive the company's development. In doing so, we always align our innovations with the market and technological progress.


We exceed expectations and stand behind our commitments. We take responsibility and fulfill the trust placed in us. If we cannot meet deadlines, we communicate this in good time and offer alternative solutions.


We identify with our company and love what we do. We prove this every day through our quality standards and by giving our best. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting as well as our empathy for customers and colleagues distinguish us.

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The employees make the difference

Our nexnet team

We have grown from a small company to one with over 100 employees. That works daily on diverse solutions for our renowned customers. Our team is based at Potsdamer Platz in the heart of Berlin.

We value an uncomplicated working environment and the promotion of creativity and personal responsibility.

In addition, we are also a recognized training company. In close cooperation with our qualified trainers, the trainees take part in exciting projects and learn everything they will need in their future careers.

And students can complete a dual study program through us. Our experienced instructors are on hand to provide students with advice and support.

Social responsibility is important to us

Our commitment

For years, we have dispensed with customer gifts and have instead committed ourselves to social projects through monetary donations.

Our contribution to sustainability

In 2019, we offset our CO2 emissions with Atmosfair and published this via our news articles. Atmosfair is a climate protection organization with a focus on: travel. They actively protect the climate by investing in the expansion of renewable energies, among other things. Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have reduced our travel for business reasons many times over and replaced it with virtual meetings whenever possible.

For 2022, we are planning further projects that promote sustainability.

Our social commitment

In Germany, too many children and families still live in poverty. That’s what “The Ark” wants to change! It helps children from disadvantaged families with great services such as hot meals, homework assistance and tutoring or talks. And since many families cannot afford a vacation, entire summer camps are even offered. All free of charge, of course. But “Die Arche” also has to finance this wide range of support and is therefore dependent on financial help. To support this important work for the smallest children in our country, we donate to the children’s foundation “Die Arche”.

This project is also close to our hearts.

We donate to the women’s project BORA. The BORA women’s shelter supports women and children affected by violence. It offers them protection and advice. We support this association, which has set itself the goal of combating all forms of violence against women and helping those affected to develop new perspectives on life.

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