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Optimize Your Revenue Management

Event in case of the most complex billing and invoicing circumstances – scalable, flexible and automated
Billing processes are often difficult and time-consuming. With its Billing Solutions service, however, they can be made much easier. We provide convenient and efficient billing services that are optimized to meet the specific challenges of your business sector. Whether it’s a subscription model in the automotive sector or an online shop for niche products – we offer the right billing platform for every business.

Certified Monthly Closing Statement

We provide a testable monthly closing statement in the format of your choice.

Customized Adjustments

You can relax. With nexnet, you will react to changes in the market in real time.

Combined Billing Procedures

You can flexibly combine recurring and usage-based payments with each other.

Maximum Versatility

nexnet provides the perfect solution for or all sectors and payment types.

Tailor-made solutions for your business model

As different as business sectors are, so are their accounting processes. With a wide range of different billing types, nexnet also offers the right solution for your business.

Subscription Billing

With our subscription billing, recurring income can be managed flexibly, securely and clearly. This makes managing your subscription models child's play.


  Manage your recurring payments easily and securely

  Bill all forms of individually priced and flexibly adaptable products

  Manage contracts and subscription products conveniently via a central interface

  More information for subscription billing in business process outsourcing from nexnet

Usage-based Billing

Increase your customers' purchasing opportunities and get the most out of your products and services by adjusting prices to actual customer usage.


  Choose between tiered prices, the pay-as-you-go model and volume discounts.

  Create and change individual billing plans easily and flexibly with just a few clicks of the mouse.

  React in real time to changes in the market and in customer behavior

  Reduce the churn rate of your customers through usage-based pricing models and clear invoices.

Hybrid Billing

Maximise your sales potential by combining recurring and usage-based billing models, allowing you to get the best out of both worlds.


 Subscription + one-off fees (e.g., installation fees)

 Subscription + pay-as-you-go (e.g., additionally downloading a premium service)

 Subscription + surplus (additional costs on exceeding the usage amount contained in the subscription

 Multi-part pricing models (combination of a basic fee for the regular subscription + fee for a further service package + one-off test fee for a further service)

Dynamic Billing

Profit from maximum versatility and establish your own personal billing model. Thanks to our numerous billing- and price functions your billing solution will be as unique as you are.


 Create a dynamic product- and services catalogue in no time, one that can be expanded at any time

 Define your own rules for pricing

 Carry out ratings automatically and in real time. Processing bills and the final invoicing and reporting will be a piece of cake

Rating is often the most underestimated part of a billing project.


Billing and Invoicing

What Lies Behind the Term ‘Rating’?
Rating involves regularly evaluating data or transactions in order to establish the costs or the price for the bill. Depending on the business model, rating can be more or less complex – and it is exactly here that automatic processes can make things easier and reduce prices.

There are many possible reasons for an increase in the complexity of the rating process. Here are just a few examples.

  Discount codes

  Credit notes

  Quantity scales

  Limited special offers

  Prices, depending on contract periods

  Real-time Rating

  Different price models with different cost elements (e.g., number of users, transactions, or amount of saved data)

Rating & Billing by nexnet

All in one solution

25+ Payment Service Provider

Thanks to the over 25 connected PSPs we can offer our customer any payment

Everything is GoBD-compliant, of course

We comply with all of the principles of proper accounting and with the required storage periods

Data Protection & Data Security

We comply with all data protection guidelines and operate our own data centers in Germany

Informative Customer Portal

360°-view of all customer data and transactions in a personal customer portal.

Non-binding Consultation

From the moment the usage data is received to the creation of the final bill, we are a reliable partner at your side. You can concentrate on your core business, while your bills are created automatically – quickly, accurately, and in conformity with the highest security standards.


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