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Reporting from nexnet is the right choice!

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Business Intelligence Reports from nexnet are not only a convenient and clear tool for subsequent evaluation. Our reporting makes it easy for executives – from project managers to managing directors – to analyze their business processes and report on current projects.

Whether a monthly report with a fixed structure or individual reports – we adapt our scope of services to your needs.

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Our reporting services

Customized and ad hoc

You get instant access and can use the created reports immediately

Focus on your own business

Our automated management reports ensure that you can concentrate fully on your business

Competitive comparison

Comparison with industry benchmarks is a breeze thanks to our reports

Saving resources

Reporting places immense demands on controlling

Data security

Our services are DSGVO compliant and ISO certified


Reporting for any company, regardless of industry and company size

Our customers include well-known automotive manufacturers, streaming services, companies from the retail, e-commerce, media and telecommunications industries.

Data analysis with maximum flexibility

Efficient reporting with nexnet

Regardless of whether you have BI software or not: sending data by e-mail or as an online query in the web portal is just as possible as direct integration into your business intelligence software or data warehouse. In addition, the month-end analysis ensures permanent utilization of your capacities. With our KPI report, the conclusions are almost self-evident. And with our business intelligence software, every management report can be visualized in a variety of ways.

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More than 80 projects with over 30 satisfied customers

Over 20 years of reporting experience

Increasing competitive pressure – triggered, for example, by regulatory innovations – demands a high degree of rapid adaptability of business processes from the industry. The complex billing processes in particular are regularly subject to major changes. nexnet has been specializing in this market segment since 2000 and has extensive know-how and a satisfied customer base.

Cost savings of 30% and more have also convinced these companies to rely on nexnet’s industry-neutral and modular solutions: including Amorelie, congstar and many more.

The easiest way to understand your processes

Tableau Reports from nexnet

Thanks to the BI tool Tableau, business intelligence reporting is possible in self-service. The following articles will help you get started with reporting tools like Tableau and create custom, high-performance dashboards.

Success can be predicted - data visualization with Tableau

As a billing service provider, we are used to looking at a lot of numbers every day. However, it is also important for the company’s success to interpret these figures correctly. To support our customers in this process, we offer a meaningful visualization of the data. This makes it easier to evaluate facts and figures.

Visualize geographic data + Create and evaluate maps with Tableau

In e-commerce, the analysis of customer data is an important part of optimizing sales figures. In addition to age, gender and interests, the geographical location of the target groups can also be an important criterion, for example. To track which country has the most sales or which region has frequent non-payments, a visually appealing map display in Tableau is the best tool.

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