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The right CRM solution will lead to more buying decisions and business deals. Because when your CRM is working, you can use the information you gain to develop an effective strategy for your business. This is how you succeed in achieving your business goals. Offering you the best CRM for every industry is our goal.

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Benefit from our CRM services

Increased customer satisfaction

Improved customer and complaint management with our experts.

Top data management

Effective processing of large amounts of data and clearly designed processes.

Invoice Management

Invoice generation, creation and dispatch are optimally adapted to your processes.


The solution for every company size and industry.

Data security

Own servers with location in Germany.


Trust the experts with over 20 years of market experience.

Our customers include well-known automotive manufacturers, streaming services, companies from the retail, e-commerce, media and telecommunications industries.

Tailor-made for our customers

Process control with the experts from nexnet

nexnet’s CRM results in an always consistent data model, which is especially important for mass data processing. We can process large amounts of data quickly and effectively, saving you time, money and nerves.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    // Transfer of master, product and contract data
    // Order entry and clearing
    // Control of provisioning and logistics processes

  • Pricing

    // Transfer of unpriced usage data
    // Pre-processing of usage data (mediation)
    // Pricing according to specifications and tariff models of the client

  • Invoice generation

    // Discounting and taxation of priced service objects
    // Creation of structured invoice content
    // Prepaid and postpaid

  • Invoice creation & shipping

    // Document formatting and staging
    // Creation of customer invoices
    // Invoice dispatch (electronic and postal)

  • Control of payment transactions

    // Control, monitoring and processing of payment transactions
    // Initial collection and dunning
    // Maintenance of the sub-ledger

  • Information Management

    // Individually configurable reporting
    // Data Warehousing
    // Customer web portals (B2B and B2C)

  • Customer Service

    // Customer Service Services
    // Customer management
    // Complaint management

IT security and data protection

We have the highest standards for IT security and data protection. Trust in over 20 years of experience in CRM.

Flexibility makes nexnet's byoCRM unique

Why not build your own CRM

To improve the customer experience and thus customer satisfaction, nexnet also offers you byoCRM. The abbreviation stands for “build your own Customer Relationship Management”.

A new prototype of byoCRM was developed in nexnet’s IT lab. In this version 3.0, your employees can build their own web CRM without any developer knowledge and customize it at any time. A few clicks in our administration interface are enough for this.

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nexnet knowledge box

What is the meaning of CRM abbreviation?

CRM stands for the terms Customer Relationship Management. Or in other words: customer relationship management.

This term covers all interactions between a company and its existing customers as well as potential customers. Furthermore, relationships with suppliers and sales partners are also included.

In addition, the data you gain with customer relationship management can help you identify re-selling, cross-selling and up-selling potential. By means of professional customer relationship management, interactions with your customers or potential customers can be personalized and maintained.

This customer-centric approach will not only improve customer loyalty, but also increase the return on investment. After all, satisfied customers become long-term existing customers.

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