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Customer Service from nexnet

Good customer care is the be-all and end-all. Regardless of whether it’s a start-up, a small or medium-sized company, or a large corporation, the following applies to all of them: The customer’s needs should be the focus. This is the only way to build long-term customer loyalty. Increase customer satisfaction with nexnet’s customer management!

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Our strengths in customer service

Information Management

Professional customer advisors who provide targeted information on the topics assigned to us

Complaint management

Optimal complaint management by our professional customer advisors


Experienced and professional employees* with multiskilling ability


Highest security in handling sensitive customer data


More than 20 years of experience in customer service


1st and 2nd level support, as well as backdesk processing

Zu unseren Kunden gehören namhafte Automobilhersteller, Streamingdienste, Unternehmen aus Handel, E-Commerce, der Medien- und Telekommunikationsbranche.

Customer service at the highest level

Our complete offer of professionalism and competence

nexnet offers you an excellent team of Customer Success Managers. Who successfully improve the area of customer service in your company with expertise and competence. Leave your customer management to us – we take care of customer care, billing and payment transactions as a complex integrated bulk business.

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Our Customer Service Offer

How we implement your goals

Our mission is to optimize your customer service and ensure long-term customer satisfaction. In close cooperation with you, we can further develop existing processes, compensate for customer messages and also present proposed solutions for optimizing and simplifying processes to improve the information for your clientele on websites or other information channels.

To make your efficient customer management a success, we offer the following solutions:

Information Management

If you have any questions about products, rates or bills, our professional customer advisors will provide specific information on the topics assigned to us, either by telephone or in writing. Our Customer Service also clarifies contract contents, credit notes, payment blocks as well as de- and rebookings on your behalf with your customers.

Complaint management

We organize complaint management, check invoices, reminders or initiate appropriate measures in the event of technical faults. In the process, we check itemized bills, research rates and send copies of invoices or ensure that your customers’ accounts are credited.

Quality assured services

Both in 1st and 2nd level support as well as in writing, all our customer service representatives have sufficient experience and professionalism to be able to solve your customers’ problems to everyone’s satisfaction.

Backdesk processing

Questions, complaints, and inquiries from lawyers and consumer advice centers are forwarded to the backdesk and handled by trained employees. If necessary, our* employee will contact you to coordinate details with you.

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nexnet knowledge box

What does a Customer Success Manager do?

In this modern age, some questions from end customers can be answered digitally using chatbots. But it is precisely for more complex issues that consumers want a personal human contact – the Customer Success Manager.

The duties that a Customer Success Manager performs include all communications, as well as all customer service tasks. This includes, for example, maintaining customer contacts and complaint management.

As the first point of contact for the consumer, the Customer Success Manager also represents the company’s image and therefore plays a crucial role in the company.

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Environmental protection and sustainability are playing an increasingly important role in our society. More than ever, companies - from start-ups to corporations - are called upon to pay attention to sustainable production and to find solutions for more sustainable business practices.