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E-commerce optimization - the right solution for your business

With Payment Clearing from nexnet

Advantages of our services for e-commerce companies

Achieve your goals more efficiently

In order to receive payments of any kind from your customers on time, you need professional accounts receivable management. In this way, you can avoid the bad debts and ensure the liquidity of your company. Contact the experts at nexnet to minimize financial risks. With the help of our financial and risk management services, you can keep your company’s cash flows and performance under control.

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We keep track of every payment transaction and create the foundation for effective accounts receivable.


Data processing
all major PSP and acquirers - Adyen, Amazon, Billpay, Computop, Concardis, Ebay, Internetq, Payone, Paypal, Sumup and others.

Combined settlements

Recurring + Usage-based Payments can be flexibly combined with each other


Processing of all money movements in all currencies with daily updated exchange rate


Mass-market solution for any size company and industry


Security of sensitive data and correct, auditable monthly financial statements

The financial accounting for the zuora platform

Monitor all payments and payment service providers securely and conveniently.

Do you want to optimize your e-commerce processes?

Our payment clearing is the solution
for your e-commerce problems

Payment Clearing secures the financial flows for you in the background. With more than 20 years of experience
in the mass transaction business, nexnet guarantees certified accounting for the complete end customer business across all payment methods. Our experts offer integrated receivables management and voucher management. nexnet keeps a permanent overview of your cash movements and their completeness, maturity and corrections.

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Overview of activated payment service providers

Your payment service provider is not included? We are happy to integrate your payment service providers as part of an individual setup. Feel free to contact us.

Efficient payment clearing

Accounts Receivable Management in E-Commerce

All services at a glance

Subledger accounting
Revenue booking from business with already developed PSPs
Expenses from business with PSP already developed
Sales posting from business with other PSPs outside the list
Expense posting from business with other PSPs outside the list
Payment monitoring
direct end-customer payments
for retail payments via PSP according to list
for disbursements PSP according to list
Bank processing via account statement
Bank processing via account access
UST & input tax calculation for German companies
for sales in Germany
for sales in the EU
for sales in third country
Advance sales tax returns
Individual tax codes
VAT & input tax calculation for foreign companies
for sales in the country of the company
for sales in the EU
for sales in third country
Monthly closing
Sales Report
Cost report/Effort report
Open items list end customer
Totals and balances list
Open items list for connected PSPs according to list
Sales & pre-tax report
Additional list for the advance return for sales tax
Age structure for open items end customer
Age structure for open items PSP according to list
Automatic document comparison with the general ledger
Daily document reconciliation with the general ledger
Document exchange via standard Rest API
Document exchange via individual API
Document exchange for PSP according to list
Financial accounting for zuora
PS-951 Certification
GoBD (German principles for the proper keeping and storage of books, records and documents in electronic form and for data access)
10 years Retention of receipts
Secure document exchange via SSL and access data
Secure document exchange via VPN tunnel
Receivables management
Execution of direct debits
Dunning procedure for outstanding end customer receivables
Create reminders
Printing & sending reminders
Generate end customer invoices
Printing & mailing of end customer invoices
CRM / Contract management
Subscription & Contract Management
Support for subledger accounting
Support for end customers
Standard support supervision
Individual support

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