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Invoice received - What now?

Providers of so-called value-added services, such as information, horoscope or erotic hotlines and service numbers (e.g. 0180x), look for external service providers to write and send reminders.

This is economically viable and customary in the industry for service numbers. One of these service providers is nexnet GmbH, based in Berlin.

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nexnet is a billing service provider

The invoices in question therefore do not come from us, but directly from your telephone company. We only dun what your phone company has previously reported to us. It is not a question of the complete telephone bill, but always only the share for special numbers. This is therefore in no way a rip-off or a scam, but a legitimate claim reported to us by your telephone company.

You can easily check whether this claim really came from your telephone company by comparing the said invoice from your telephone company with the data on our reminder. Either these services are shown under the heading “Amounts from other providers” or you will receive a separate bill from your telephone company for them.

A word about the payment deadline for telephone bills: It varies from telephone company to telephone company, but is always shown on the bill and is decisive for reporting outstanding amounts. If you have a payment deadline of 10 days and do not pay your telephone company, for example, until the 20th day after the invoice is issued (date of printing the invoice), then the claim may already have been transferred to us.

If you paid the total bill late, your phone company does not always forward the amounts. We have no influence on the use of this payment in this case. For this purpose, we recommend that you consult with the accounting department of your telephone company.

If, despite our reminder, we are unable to ascertain receipt of payment, we will pass your case on to a collection agency.

Reminders from nexnet are therefore not rip-offs or fraud, but a service that we perform on behalf of your telephone company. Therefore, if you have any doubts about the legitimacy of this claim, please contact your telephone company directly. We have no influence on the origin of the receivable. Likewise, the amount of the reminder and processing fees demanded by us is, of course, tied to the statutory requirements.

It is best to pay your reminder immediately or contact us to avoid further consequences. We will find a solution. The easiest way to reach us is via our service portal: