11 88 0 Solutions AG is one of the largest alternative directory assistance providers in Germany and provides consumers with high-quality information via the Internet portal 11880.com, the directory assistance 11 88 0, the klicktel software and local search applications for mobile devices.

Success factor information

nexnet supports 11 88 0 Solutions AG in the billing of directory assistance services via the invoices of the respective subscriber network operator of the end customers. This support starts with data transfer and ends with collection. The factoring agreement with nexnet allows 11 88 0 Solutions AG to focus optimally on its core business.

Since the start of operations in 2001, the two companies have been working together successfully and in a spirit of trust.


11 88 0 – Where you will be helped

Our customers include well-known automotive manufacturers, streaming services, companies from the retail, e-commerce, media and telecommunications industries.