Are you still walking or are you already cycling?

Every year, the Day of the Bicycle inspires many people to ride a bike. Learn 3 good reasons why cycling in the city is worthwhile.

Are you still walking or are you already cycling?

The European Day of Cycling on 03 June inspires hundreds of people to cycle every year. It was launched in 1998 to draw attention to the increasing traffic problem in Europe and to show alternatives. This year, too, there will be many events and activities around the topic of cycling all over Europe.

A particularly exciting cycling event will take place this year in Berlin on July 3. VeloCity invites hundreds of cyclists to a bike race through the streets of the capital. The employees of nexnet will also take part in this sporting event and demonstrate their cycling skills. Some of our colleagues will ride their service bicycles.

The picture shows a cyclist riding through the city in bright sunshine.
Cycling keeps you fit and healthy.

3 good reasons why cycling in the city is worthwhile.

1. cycling – a hobby that improves health.

Cycling is not only fun, has always inspired young and old, it also promotes fitness and endurance. In the hectic workday, it is often difficult to find enough time for sufficient exercise. The way to work or to the end of the day can easily be turned into a daily sports program if you get on your bike and pedal hard. If you give it a try, you’ll quickly realize how good it feels to exercise after a long day at the office. The cyclists do the sport virtually on the side, have fun and improve their health in the long run.

2. cycling contributes to climate protection

Riding a bicycle is not only good for your health, it is also a good contribution to climate protection. If you switch to your bike more often in the city and leave your car behind, you help save toxic CO2. And another advantage, wheels are much quieter than cars. So if more people in the cities went to work by bike rather than by car, the city air would also be of better quality overall and the noise level would not be so high. More quiet and fresh air could positively influence the well-being of all city residents. And wildlife and plants would also benefit from the city being a more life-friendly space.

3. cycling saves time

The main purpose of the Day of the Bicycle is to draw attention to the increasing traffic problems in Europe’s major cities. Getting around in the congested streets is not only a stress factor, it often costs a lot of time. Especially in the morning and evening rush hour, cars are bumper-to-bumper and progress is very slow. Bypassing rush-hour traffic jams with your own bike means you can get to work or start your well-deserved evening off faster.