Monitor financial transactions

You can read why payment clearing solutions can help businesses across industries and how nexnet can support here.

Monitor financial transactions

Safe and convenient

Basic thinking: An old saying goes: time is money. E-commerce companies invest enormous amounts of time and personnel to control all money movements. Payment clearing solutions can support companies across industries and relieve them of valuable work.

How to monitor your company’s financial transactions securely and conveniently

Companies that deal with their revenues from online stores, marketplaces or sales channels on a daily basis want answers to the following questions:

  • When exactly are our customers’ payments received by the payment service provider?
  • What are the costs for a particular order?
  • Which receivables are still outstanding with which payment service provider (PSP)?
  • What are the differences in general?

Day-to-day payment processing poses significant problems for many companies. This is because the volume of transactions can no longer be manually controlled and tracked by the respective department of a company.

The number of countries and the associated currencies, withholding taxes and sales taxes also make the tasks to be managed extremely complex. Likewise, the paying brands, the legal entities (monthly financial statements) and the entire handling of the PSP must be seamlessly recorded and efficiently designed.

Payment clearing enables detailed controlling and targeted accounting of all transaction movements.

In banking and finance, this refers to all activities from the time a transaction is committed to until it is fully settled. This process converts the promise to pay (for example, in the form of a digital payment request) into the actual movement of money from one account to another.

Payment Clearing compares and controls these cash movements and relates them to sales data from online stores, marketplaces and sales channels.

nexnet: Industry-independent solutions with central services
With its solution, the Berlin-based provider nexnet offers permanent monitoring of all cash movements as well as consistent accounting for your end-customer business – including a certifiable monthly closing.

This allows you to fully concentrate on the day-to-day business. nexnet secures your financial movements in the background. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in. Whether e-commerce, digital goods, mobility or retail – nexnet’s solutions are industry-independent.

The solution is the link between end customers, payment providers (including Paypal, Adyen, Amazon, Billpay, Computop, Concardis, Ebay, Internetq, Payone, Sumup) and your banks. You can monitor all transactions at any time and see whether a money movement was executed on time, completely and correctly.

In addition, nexnet takes over the accounts receivable management for you: In addition to controlling, all bookings can be created in aggregated form on a daily or monthly basis and integrated into SAP or DATEV systems, for example.

nexnet also takes care of receivables management for you: Here, solutions can be tailored to your requirements and an individual receivables management system can be created, from sending reminders and managing reminder fees to monitoring payment behavior.

nexnet also takes into account internationally positioned companies. All currencies with the current conversion rates are correctly recorded as well as international tax rates.

Security from Germany
For more than 20 years, nexnet has been offering BPO solutions (Business Process Outsourcing) in the areas of finance, accounts receivable management, billing and CRM and has been able to win renowned German as well as international companies for itself. But not only DAX companies are among the long-term partners: Young brands also work with nexnet and have had a custom-fit solution developed for them.

Since the processing of this sensitive data must meet the highest standards, nexnet has all processes and systems permanently certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. They are stored exclusively in German data centers. Thus, nexnet meets the requirements of one of the strictest data protection laws in the world.