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Subscription Billing with SAP BRIM

Explanation of the two acronyms

What does SAP BRIM mean?


… is the abbreviation for Systems, Applications and Products. The program is mainly used to handle business processes in a company.


… is also an abbreviation and stands for Billing and Revenue Innovation Management, i.e. an innovative management system for billing processes.

Typical business processes handled by SAP are for example:







Human Resources

Subscription Management Report

As a subscription provider, you face multiple challenges every day in the rapidly growing subscription economy, while enjoying unique advantages in marketing and revenue planning for your products. What are the five different subscription models and why are more and more goods being successfully offered in a subscription model? Learn after the download.

Joined Forces with vysion consulting

Concentrated Power with SAP BRIM

With vysion consulting, we have a partner who has many years of SAP experience and provides us with active, competent support. With our specialist for SAP BRIM, digital business models can also be implemented internationally.

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Our presentation at the TAC event

SAP Billing and Revenue Innovations Management

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Presentation about SAP BRIM from the Cloud

Under the title: “nexnet – From a Partner for Individual Outsourcing Solutions to a Cloud Provider with SAP BRIM” nexnet participated in TAC’s live event. Mario Kaiser (Head of Business Innovations, nexnet) and Christian Phillip (CEO, vysion) gave an exciting and informative insight into nexnet GmbH and vysion consulting GmbH from Austria. Together, they discussed the many ways SAP BRIM can help a service company that provides billing services to its customers.

Mario Kaiser also presented our latest product, the, to the audience. He used an example to show how quickly and easily customer data, subscriptions and contracts can be created with ‘s trend-setting Subscription Billing.