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Realize your goals undisturbed

We take care of the management of your finances

In order to make your financial and investment decisions correctly, taking into account all relevant influencing factors, you need the best financial management, whose tasks and requirements are fully aligned with your planning.

Contact the experts at nexnet. We have over 20 years of experience in financial and risk management. With our help, you can properly analyze data and information on finances and risks.

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Benefit from these services of our financial management


We establish mutual receivables, liabilities and delivery obligations and reliably transmit all important information

Control system

We have a quality management system and an internal control system to demonstrate SOX compliance, which minimizes risks relevant to financial reporting.


The existing quality management system is based on the conformity principle and complies with DIN ISO 9001:2015. It is reviewed annually and is thus subject to constant updating and improvement


For companies with an international focus, nexnet processes and posts all money movements in all currencies with daily updated exchange rates


Our processes and systems are certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015. All data is processed and stored in German data centers


We offer our financial management for any industry. Likewise, we offer our solution for start-up to large companies

Our customers include well-known automotive manufacturers, streaming services, companies from the retail, e-commerce, media and telecommunications industries.

Is the proper management of all financial flows increasingly becoming a challenge for you?

Now leave financial monitoring and clearing to the experts

Every day you have to make decisions in your company that should lead to the financial success of your company. Depending on the size of the company, managing finances can be more or less involved. As a neutral partner at your side, nexnet offers you the opportunity to focus on generating reach and sales. We provide, quietly but effectively, the financial flows for you in the background.

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More than 80 projects with over 30 satisfied customers

Over 20 years of experience in financial and risk management

Increasing competitive pressure – triggered, for example, by regulatory innovations – demands a high degree of rapid adaptability of business processes from the industry. The complex billing processes in particular are regularly subject to major changes. nexnet has been specializing in this market segment since 2000 and has extensive know-how and a satisfied customer base.

Cost savings of 30% and more have also convinced these companies to rely on nexnet’s industry-neutral and modular solutions: including Amorelie, congstar and many more.

Optimize direct debit management and payment monitoring?

Use the payment from nexnet

We have been familiar with payment for over 20 years. Our daily business includes, in addition to direct debits, the permanent payment monitoring of over 1 million transfers annually on the accounts of our customers. All payment methods are possible, from bank transfer to direct debit to credit card payment. The nexnet billing platform also enables quick and easy product and rate adjustments at any time.

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