Finanzmanagement: Die Lösung zur Überwachung von Daten- und Finanzbewegungen für Ihr Business
Die Lösung zur Überwachung von Daten- und Finanzbewegungen für Ihr Business

Financial ManagementBe on the safe side

nexnet's financial management offers you the solution to the monitoring of data and financial transactions for your business, irrespective of whether it involves your B2B and/or B2C inter-relations.

As a neutral partner at your side, nexnet thus enables you to concentrate on increasing your reach and turnover, while quietly but effectively securing all of your finance streams in the background. nexnet provides you with the certified accounting for the complete end customer business via all forms of payment as well as tested monthly closing statements (SOX compliance).

Financial- and Risk Management Example - Direct Debit Management


nexnet has been an established clearing partner for many years. Data and finance flows are processed here on a daily basis by over 30 partners. By clearing nexnet means the determination of mutual claims, liabilities and obligations to deliver. The clearing process contains the transmission, reconciliation and in some cases the confirmation of closing statements as well as other data necessary for the processing or for the settlement (e.g. payment method, place and time of the delivery). An offsetting and netting of the transactions can also take place. In recent years, nexnet has been able to establish clearing know-how in telecommunications, e-mobility and in advertising.


In order to guarantee consistent, reliable services, nexnet meets the requirements of it customers according to a high standard of quality. nexnet's quality policy extends across the whole value chain. It includes professional and competent consulting and the flawless order processing from the projecting phase to the termination of the operational processes. The available quality management system is oriented to the principle of conformity and corresponds to the DIN ISO 90001:2008. The quality management system is tested with annual internal and external audits and is thus subject to constant updating and improvement. An up-to-date certificate is available.

Zum Nachweis der SOX-Konformität existiert ergänzend zum bestehenden Qualitätsmanagementsystem in geeignetes internes Kontrollsystem, welches finanzberichterstattungsrelevante Risiken minimiert.

To demonstrate SOX conformity, in addition to the existing quality management system, there is also an appropriate internal controlling system that minimizes risks relevant to financial reporting. The efficiency of the internal controlling system is verified through tests in relation to control design and operational implementation. The effectiveness of the internal controlling system is documented in relation to customers and services in the PS 951 audit report. The audit includes the effectiveness of the IT controlling according to PS 331 (back-up and recovery; change management; operation; data centre; authorization concept).


For companies with an international focus, nexnet processes and posts all money transactions in all currencies with exchange rates that are updated daily. Here, turnover and VAT are of course recorded using international tax rates. For companies located abroad, nexnet can depict the accounting according to the local GAAP.

Security and Integration

For over 15 years, nexnet has been providing BPO solutions in the areas of finance and credit management, billing and CRM. As a partner of prestigious German and international companies, the processing of data must satisfy the highest security and quality demands. We transfer this demand to our customers and have our processes and systems certified according to ISO 9001. All data are processed and saved in German data centres.


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