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Individually priced service packages through billing platform

Berlin, May 28, 2013 - Berlin-based nexnet GmbH, the leading specialist for bulk billing and rating and billing solutions in the German telecommunications market, implements the billing of offline billed services in the generally applicable and standardized billing and collection process for Colt, Europe's leading information delivery platform, for the subscriber network and connection network operator segments.

The constellation of connection and subscriber network operators requires comprehensive process management, as it must be possible to exchange information and data with all market players in Germany. The complexity of the billing procedures, consisting of B2B and B2C invoices, billing, chargeback and subsequent payment information, some of which must be offset against each other, also requires extreme flexibility in the various billing processes. To avoid the immense internal administrative effort, more and more companies are opting for nexnet as an external service provider for such mass billing procedures.

As the connection network operator for Colt, nexnet handles not only all data handling with the subscriber network operators participating in the billing and collection process of Telekom and/or BT Handover, but also the pricing of the resellers’ Internet-by-call connections. In addition, nexnet is responsible for call center services and the collection processes in receivables management, including debt collection.

For Colt as a subscriber network operator, nexnet handles the billing of offline-billed services to the customer by means of a second bill. In addition to the acceptance procedure and billing for end customers, the services provided by nexnet also include the monitoring of incoming payments, including the direct debit procedure and the associated call center services. In addition, nexnet provides the necessary reporting for the internal billing processes in both cases.

Colt - Individually priced service packages through billing platform
colt creates connections between companies worldwide

“In Colt’s case, one of the complexities of the Second Bill is accounts receivable management. Depending on the agreement with the end customer, the invoices are collected or charged back at different times,” says Lars Heucke, Managing Director of nexnet GmbH, explaining the process. “This means that a wide variety of invoice due dates must be accounted for in one invoice run.”

Colt can rely on an experienced partner, such as nexnet, to manage the day-to-day challenges of multi-layered billing processes. Because this collaboration benefits from nexnet’s years of industry experience. In addition, nexnet convinces with professionalism and high flexibility, which are particularly important for the complex processes.

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Stephanie Timm
Stephanie Timm

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