Customer Relationship ManagementProfessional and Efficient

The Customer Relationship Management (CRM) of nexnet is designed for the depiction of data models of any degree of complexity. All data models are automatically and immediately usable via a WEB interface.

The result is always a consistent data model, which is important for mass data processing in particular. Thus, your employees will continue to use the models and structures established in your companies. A rethinking or a long and laborious incorporation of new structures in the CRM software is thus not necessary. This saves time, money and nerves.

The nexnet CRM ("build your own Customer Relationship Management", byoCRM for short) does not have a fixed data model. This makes adaptations and extensions irrelevant in the case of new projects. The nexnet byoCRM refers to the data model including all relations. All WEB interfaces are automatically generated from the data model at runtime. By this means, any later changes – not only of individual parameters, but even of completely new objects and can be carried out within a few minutes. This flexibility makes nexnet's byoCRM unique. All interfaces and APIs are generated automatically and can be used immediately. In addition, all of the processes and workflows are not "hard-wired" but can also be easily set up and updated by customizing (BPMN2.0).

A new prototype of the byoCRM is being developed in the nexnet IT laboratory. In this Version 3.0, your staff will be able to build their own Web-CRM and adapt it again at any time, without having any developer skills. A few clicks in our administration interface will suffice for this. At the touch of a button, your individual CRM-system will be made available in the nexnet data centre.

Our Services: Tailored for our Customers

    Customer Relationship Management
  • Importing of the master-, product-, and contract data
  • Recording of orders and clearing
  • Management of provisioning- and logistics processes
  • Importing of unpriced usage data
  • Pre-processing of usage data (mediation)
  • Pricing according to guidelines and tariff models of the principal
    Generation of Invoices
  • Discounting and taxing of priced service objects
  • Creation of structured invoice content
  • Pre- and post paid
    Creation and Sending of Invoices
  • Formatting and preparation of documents
  • Creation of customer invoices
  • Sending of invoices ( postal and electronic )
    Management of the Payment Transactions
  • Management, monitoring and settlement of the payment transactions
  • First debiting and dunning
  • Keeping of the sub-ledger
    Information management
  • Individually configurable reporting
  • Date warehousing
  • Customer web portals ( B2B and B2C )
    Customer Service
  • Customer Service-Services
  • Customer management
  • Complaints management

Our Service Building Blocks: Business Process Outsourcing for your Financial Processes

As a specialist in the sector, nexnet offers all of the relevant building blocks for a successful business process outsourcing of your financial transactions. From direct debiting to monitoring of the payment receipts to receivables management, we carry out all transactions securely and efficiently.

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Die nexnet, Spezialist für BPO im Debitorenmanagement präsentiert sich auf dem A-Commerce Day in Wien und stellt das Payment Clearing für...

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