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Our review of the year 2022

Another turbulent year passes and we at nexnet look back on our highlights.

Another year passes and we would like to summarize the highlights of the year in our traditional annual review.

The year 2022 began cold and stormy. Across Germany, Covid measures were strict and daily testing was a must. Working from a home office continued to be part of our concept. Even though hybrid working is part of our work culture from now on and was associated with some changes, we were able to get amazing projects off the ground: The implementation of the disaster recovery concept was successfully completed. Especially 01.02.2022 was a big day for us, because we launched A project on which a large part of our team had been working with heart and soul for some time.

Unfortunately, very frightening news also reached us at the beginning of the year. Russia started a war with Ukraine and suddenly many people were on the run, including relatives and friends of some of our colleagues. We at nexnet tried to help and support where we could.

With the spring-like months, the Corona measures finally loosened up. And we not only welcomed new colleagues, but also won our first major customers for the cloud! As it is well known that May makes everything new, has been given a new modern design. With the beautiful weather and mild temperatures, the traditional barbecue on the terrace could not be missed. All were cordially invited to attend. It was also time for our summer party. We enjoyed the time together with our colleagues from nexnet and netgroup. We spent a great time together with good food, stimulating conversations and good music.

In the summer, unfortunately, the situation in Ukraine was unchanged. And new dangers now affected Germany as well. Specific notices were issued to business enterprises by the Office for the Protection of the Constitution that there is an increased risk of disinformation and cyberattacks. Colleagues were therefore made aware of the need to be particularly careful and to contact IT immediately in the event of suspicious e-mails.

But there was also good news. Among other things, we were represented with our at the K5X and had many interesting conversations with potential customers. Our colleagues, trainees and students used the beautiful days for joint team events, for example on the roof terrace in our office at Potsdamer Platz. For the sports enthusiasts at nexnet, the VeloCity was still on the agenda – THE event of the year for cyclists in Berlin.

In the fall we welcomed new colleagues and we planned our Christmas party. Even though the Corona measures tightened up again and more colleagues are working from the home office again, we wanted to take the opportunity to put on another celebration with the nexnet employees. This was in December and it was a pleasant evening in our own office with many beautiful impressions that will remain in our memories for a long time.

In the remaining weeks of the year, we at nexnet are once again grappling together to successfully complete the last projects.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, partners and colleagues once again for the shared moments full of motivation, joy and ambition, and we look forward to continuing our successful cooperation in the new year!

We are excited to see what 2023 has in store for us!

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Stephanie Timm
Stephanie Timm

Seit rund 3 Jahren Redakteurin und Content Creator bei nexnet GmbH. Geschult in den Themen Billing, Payment und Finanzmanagement recherchiert und verfasst sie Texte, die dem Leser nicht nur die spannende Welt von Billing, Debitorenmanagement, Payment Clearing und Co. näherbringen, sondern sie berichtet auch über Änderungen zu den Regularien in diesen Bereichen.