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nexnet is one of the leading outsourcing service providers for CRM solutions, billing, and credit management and implements efficient solutions for payment methods, receivables management, (financial-) clearing and customer service.

With our payment clearing, we build the bridge in e-commerce between generating turnover and booking turnover at the transaction level. The e-shop generates the turnover, we monitor and book the cash flows! Among the clients there are well-known providers of mobile and landline telephony, streaming services, as well as companies from retail, e-commerce, and the media.

Through the transparent processes the customers always have a good overview of things. The modular and adaptable range of services – from order management to the pricing of products/services/tariffs, to the creation and sending of invoices, to receivables management – encompass all of the steps of an integrated outsourcing for this financial process. The friendly and well-trained customer service staff process not only requests and complaints but also carry out marketing activities on behalf of the customers and in doing so establish personal contact with the end customers.



We gather, analyze and process your valuable customer data. From order management to rating and billing, to effective receivables management and collection, the nexnet CRM system depicts data models of any kind of complexity. The integration into all systems and the possibility to individually adapt processes and workflows make this solution attractive to companies from all sectors. Through the standardized processes and the use of the latest SAP technology, nexnet's CRM - in addition to the reduced payroll expenses - is significantly more efficient than the in-house operation.

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Credit Management

nexnet offers you a comprehensive and reliable solution for your accounts receivable accounting system. With our high-performance IT infrastructure, we now reliably administer a very large portfolio of debtors' accounts and currently have at our disposal one of the largest SAP FA-CI installations on the market. With this solution, we are capable of making available a high-volume sub-ledger accounting system linked to your general ledger. We carry out an automated check of your electronic bank statements and allocate payments to the corresponding orders. Through the use of virtual account numbers, we can significantly reduce the back-log and keep the staff outlays as low as possible. With our advanced receivables management we take over the commercial dunning process for you and ensure that you get your money, thus minimizing your payment defaults.

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nexnet offers highly automated and scalable standard processes for your billing. We faithfully look after your billing and the sending of bills to your customers. Here, you are completely free in the choice of the billing periods or products and tariffs. Thanks to our flexible mediation process, we reduce all of our data to a common denominator. Discounts, free quotas, pre-paid or post-paid payments and the administration of vouchers do not represent any problem for us. Of course, we pay strict attention here to compliance with the statutory provisions for the protection of our customer data. That we work precisely is also shown by the annual certification of our billing accuracy according to TKG §45 g (German Telecommunications Act) pursuant to DIN ISO 9001.

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Payment Clearing

If you want to monitor your financial transactions efficiently, securely and conveniently, with the Payment Clearing service, nexnet - with over 15 years of experience as an outsourcing service provider for credit management - provides exactly the right solution for your company. As a neutral partner at your side, we have made it our goal to detect differences in the payment streams between your customers and your payment service providers. We take care to ensure that you get your money. The fact that in doing so we place a strong focus on security and quality, is also shown by our DIN ISO 9001 certification, which we have renewed on a regular basis. nexnet's Payment Clearing can be used across all sectors and internationally.

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Informative reports are a necessary instrument at all levels of strategic and operational company management. Whether standard reports with a fixed structure, or individual reports, with us you as the customer determine the scope of your evaluation. The sending of data by e-mail, as online queries in a web portal, or the direct integration of your business intelligence software or your data warehouse are possible. nexnet's reporting tool is not only a convenient and clear aid for subsequent evaluation, however. Thanks to high-spender reports and notifications of conspicuous user behaviour, the data are also valuable for fraud management.

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Customer Service

The maintenance of your customer relations is a fundamental building block for your business. nexnet's experienced customer service team carries out your customer management reliably, using tried and tested processes. This guarantees the professional processing of customer contacts in writing or by phone. With over 300,000 calls per year, the agents know how to deal with any situation. Whether it involves queries on bills or dunning letters or technical support, nexnet's customer service team can be used flexibly and in multiple ways. Alongside the saving of costs and time, an efficient receivables management is one of the advantages on the company side. Your customers will appreciate the high-quality and friendly service as well as the good reachability.

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Financial Management

With nexnet's financial management and risk controlling you are on the safe side. As a longstanding industry expert, we know exactly how valuable a reliable and quick direct debiting and credit management is. Geared as we are towards the administration of large volumes of debtor accounts and direct debit orders, even the smallest of entries represents no problem for us. With the optional risk controlling, we ensure that you get your money securely. And if a payment default should arise at any time, we will also take over the receivables management.

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Over 15 million direct debits are carried out by nexnet each year. This amounts to more than 41,000 per day. The seamless processing of the return debits is also secured by the automated systems of nexnet. Alongside the direct debits, we also carry out the permanent payment monitoring of over 1 million bank transfers per year to the accounts of our customers. With the additional possibility of offering purchase on account – including the prior determination of the payment default risk – a multiplicity of payment methods can thus be offered, ensuring that the transaction for the customers can be facilitated and accelerated.

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Die nexnet richtet bei allen Prozessen das Hauptaugenmerk auf Qualität. Durch standardisierte und zertifizierte Verfahren und einem ausgereiften Controlling wird ein hoher Qualitätsstandard gesichert. Im Customer Service setzen wir durch unser geschultes Personal unseren Qualitätsanspruch um und Sie als Kunde profitieren von zufriedenen Kunden. Unsere Systemplattformen sind ausgelegt auf Leistungsfähigkeit, Effizienz und hohe Ausfallsicherheit.

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nexnet has provided BPO solutions in the area of financial- and credit management, billing and CRM for over 15 years. As a partner of well-known German and international companies, the processing of data must meet the highest standards of security and quality. We pass this standard on to our customers, having our systems permanently certified according to ISO 9001. All data are processed and saved in German data centres and thus meet the requirements of some of the strictest data protection legislation in the world.

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As a Berlin company, nexnet not only supports DAX companies, but is also accustomed to working with young and growing firms. Our individual solutions grow permanently with the requirements and complexity of your business processes. nexnet supports you in the processing of data of all standard PSP and acquirers, including Adyen, Amazon, Billpay, Computop, Concardis, Ebay, Internetq, Payone, Paypal, Sumup, Wirecard. In addition, the data of all banks and various shop-solutions can be processed.

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Business Process Outsourcing

nexnet is one of the leading outsourcing service providers for CRM solutions, billing, and credit management and implements efficient solutions for payment methods, receivables management, (financial-) clearing and customer service.

With our payment clearing, we build the bridge in e-commerce between generating turnover and booking turnover at the transaction level. The e-shop generates the turnover, we monitor and book the cash flows! Among the clients there are well-known providers of mobile and landline telephony, streaming services, as well as companies from retail, e-commerce, and the media.

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CRM: Customer Management 2.0

  • Receipt and further processing of your customer orders
  • Optimal data and process quality as an additional success factor
  • Reliable customer processes and flexible interfaces

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Credit Management: Reliable Monthly and Annual Closing Statements

  • Payment monitoring and automated clearing management
  • Experience of 15 million direct debits per year
  • Mass-transaction sub-ledger accounting linked to the general ledger (SAP-FI/CA)

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Rating and Billing: Efficient and flexible

  • Invoicing of individually priced and flexibly adaptable products
  • Billing and sending by post or e-mail (PDF)
  • All standard forms of payment
  • Transfer of data in your customer portal is possible

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Payment Clearing: Monitoring of your payment flows

  • Monitoring of all payment flows from the shop, PSPs and acquirers
  • All currencies and tax rates can be processes
  • Depiction of all relevant business transactions in a sub-ledger

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Financial Management: Be on the safe side

  • Designed for large volumes of debtors' accounts
  • Optimum risk control for even more security
  • Integrated and effective accounts receivable management

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Customer Service: Always friendly and competent

  • Teams trained according to your individual requirements
  • Processing by phone and in writing of all questions and claims
  • Implementation of targeted outbound actions

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Abo-Modelle werden als Geschäftskonzept der Zukunft gefeiert. Doch auf dem Weg zu wiederkehrenden Zahlungen müssen Unternehmen einige Fallstricke meistern.

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