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Payment Clearing

5 Advantages for E-commerce

BASIC thinking, 5 October 2020: For online retailers, the transparent clearing of online payments is a major success factor. How many payments are made using the same payment type? How can you best keep track of things? With its Payment Clearingservice,nexnetprovides the solution for exactly these concerns.

For you as a retailer,Payment Clearing offers a convenient solution for the monitoring and recording of all transactions in your end-customer business. It is integrated into a Business Process Outsourcing service between your payment service providers and your banks, thus ensuring that you are always kept in the picture on all of your money flows, their completeness, due dates, and correctness.

Payment Clearing collates all of the money flows with the sales data from your online shops, marketplaces or offline sales channels. And there are additional advantages that speak in favour of using Payment Clearing with nexnet.

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1. Credit Management

nexnet monitors all payment transactions – from purchases in shops to payment entries on your bank account – for every purchase process and for each buyer. This enables all business transactions to be recorded for you in a  credit management system suitable for high volumes.

All booking processes are consolidated on a monthly basis – or on a daily basis, if you prefer – and made available for your general ledger. A particularly practical advantage: at the end of each booking period, certifiable monthly closing reports are provided to your accounts department.

2. Internationality

nexnet can also be used by customers with an international focus: nexnet processes and records all money flows in all currencies, according to the latest daily exchange rates.

Sales and VAT are recorded using international tax rates. In addition, for companies based abroad, nexnet can carry out the accounting using local GAAP.

3. Controlling

All data that are recorded and booked are made available – at a customer-specific aggregation level – for your data warehouse and business intelligence solution or as a standard report.

4. Security

Security plays a particularly important role. For over 15 years, nexnet has provided BPO solutions in the areas of finance-, credit management, billing and CRM. As a partner of well-known German and international customers, nexnet’s data processing has to meet the highest standards of security and quality.

nexnet’s processes and systems are permanently subject to SOX compliance according to IDW PS 951. All data are processed and saved in German data centres. The complete hosting takes place in Germany, meaning that GDPR conformity is always maintained.

5. Receivables Management

What area always takes up a lot of time? Receivables management! nexnet monitors all receivables in relation to end customers and provides individual solutions for your receivables management. In a commercial dunning process tailored to your requirements, the preparation and sending of dunning letters, the management of the dunning fees, and the monitoring of payment behaviour are completely taken over for you.

With our own collection service, all receivables can be followed up all the way to judicial dunning proceedings. The automated forwarding of receivables to your preferred collection partner is also possible.